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How To Earn Points & Cash

Points FAQs

How to Earn Points

Earning points is automatic and points are allocated for most logged in activities. If you're not logged in, no points are earned.

You get points for registering (once), logging in (once per day), uploading images, uploading videos, changing your status, creating or posting in a group, inviting new members, when new members sign up as a result of your invitation, when you read certain articles, sending and accepting friend requests, sending and receiving private messages, when people view your profile (once per day) and when people who you referred earn points, you get some as well.

Different activities have different point awarding factors, some are once ever, some are once per day, some are whenever and there is currently a daily limit of 3000 points.

Additional points rules will be added as they become available.

How to Spend Your Points

You can use your points to advertise your content or to select items from the gift shop or you can donate some to groups or other members.

Points exchange is 250 to 1.

To order from the shop, choose your items, put the items in your shopping cart and when you are checking out, choose Alphauserpoints as your payment method.

To use them for ads on the site, create your ad in the Ad Wizard and choose Alphauserpoints as the payment method when you check out.

You can view your points balance from the View My Points link in your Profile Menu.

Points have no cash value.

How to transfer your points

Click the Donate Points link in the Points Tools menu. Enter the number of points you want to transfer and the Member username and click send.

You can transfer 25% of your balance per day.

How to Earn From Your Profile

Earning cash from your profile is a simple few step process.

You can activate affiliate code ads (adsense, chitika etc) on your profile by logging in and editing the settings in the "Customize My Profile" area under the Profile link. Copy and paste the adsense or other affiliate code provided to you in the text box and save. Those ads (including your earnings from them) are governed by the terms of service of your account provider.

How to Earn From Your Group

Active Groups are eligible for a Group Specific ad zone where Group Owners can place their own messages and receive a percentage of the paid ads in that zone.

Contact Member Services for income breakdowns and to activate Group Ads.

Group and Traffic Building Tools

Active Members can participate in our Sponsor Door Prize Promotions. We provide incentives door prizes for Members to invite new people and grow their own groups.

How to Spend Your Cash

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