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Authenticity matters.

Our perspective, reach, and in-depth, foundational knowledge of the disabled consumer market and media is unsurpassed. We know where disabled people live and how to reach them.

Our clients benefit from this unique vantage point; of seeing through a dual lens into the able-bodied and disabled consumer and their inextricable relationship to each other and the world at large.

Autheticity matters. We know our market because we are our market.

Let us help save your company money and social credit by avoiding the branding and messaging mistakes that come from lack of DIRECT, first-hand knowledge.

Adjacent to disabled is not disabled.

The importance of authenticity.
Mainstream marketing and pr agencies and self styled marketing gurus often claim to know the disabled market and how to reach the disabled market due to proximity to disabled people. While it gives some insight, it's always an outsider perspective that will always be slighly out of tune with the disabled consumer, simply because it's not authentic.

Which ramp is accessible?

Neither one of them. It's a trick question!
And it perfectly illustrates the importance of first hand experience. Both ramps are considered to be "inclusive" by overlaying the able bodied and disabled world, one on top of the other, and the intent was to be welcoming to everyone. While visually interesting and quite pretty, they are completely inaccessible. The result is a testament to "something about us without us", literally cemented into the landscape.

Understanding the market.

Like these ramps, disabled and non-disabled consumers have subtle but profound distinctions.
Our destination is the same but our paths are much different. Merging and overlapping messages for both able bodied and disabled consumers can sometimes miss the mark. It's like mixing chocolate and vanilla in the same bowl. Weird. But chocolate icing on a vanilla cake is just fine. To continue with the ramp analogy as an example, the side by side gives some people options, and the ramp brings everyone up.

Ready to add disabled consumers to your customer base?