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Profile FAQS

Profile FAQS

Cover Images

We all need a little help sometimes, so here is a quick rundown of the links and features in your Profile.

The COVER IMAGE size is 1140px × 428px

To change your image, click the Settings icon and click EDIT COVER IMAGE.

Profile Links

We all need a little help sometimes, so here is a quick rundown of the links and features in your Profile.

The COVER IMAGE size is 1140px × 428px


Home shows your most recent activities, new videos and photos and Groups / Events in tabs.


The Profile page is where your personal profile and applications are displayed. You can edit your information and add and remove apps in the edit section under the Profile dropdown in the menu.


The Groups list shows which groups you are a Member of. You will only be able to see the Groups list if you have added the Groups application. Go to Application ---> Edit, and add the Groups application.


Shows images you have uploaded to your Profile. You will only see images if you have added the Photos application. Go to Application ---> Edit, and add the Photos application.


In Wall, you and your friends are able to leave a comment on your Profile Page. You will only see the comments if you have added the Walls application. Go to Application ---> Edit, and add the Walls application.

SocialArchitect's Wall supports Seyret. You can post Youtube videos by entering the full URL to the video (not shortened).


Where all the fun is happening. You can search current events or add your own.

Apps on Your Profile

There are number of different applications can choose to activate and display on your Profile page.

To see the list of applications, go to Profile - Customize My Page and click the Add Applications button in the area you want to add it to.

Select an application to add it and enter any required settings.

To edit it, go to Profile - Customize My Page. From here, you will be able to:

  1. Find out what these applications do
  2. Set each application based on your preferences
  3. Decide how the applications are arranged on your page by dragging and dropping it by hitting Ctrl + dragging up or down.
  4. Adjust the privacy setting of each application.
  5. Remove an application you do not want or use.

Click the Edit icon on any application to made changes.


There are 2 ways to send a message. First, via your own inbox or by clicking Send Message on a user's profile.


You can join and participate in groups easily. Click the "Join Now" link to join a group. If admin approval is needed, a message will be sent to them.

To manage Groups that you've joined, go to Application --> Group.

Here, you can view the current groups, search a group as well as view groups that you have joined. You can also create a new group.


Announcements list all the bulletins you wish to share with the group. This is a great way to get a broad message out to others who share your common interests. Just know that Announcements does not support replies. Be sure to tell people how to reach you. Only the Group admins can create Announcements.


Discussion lists all topics anyone posts in the group area to discuss with others. Discussions support replies from group members.


Wall supports Wall posts from members of a group. Wall also supports Syret (hence Youtube videos). Only Group administrators can remove Wall posts.

Photos & Media

To manage your photos, go to Application --> Media.

This is where you can upload new photos, browse them and create photo albums. You can set your Privacy for the images here as well.


Groups are eligible for Sponsor zones and Member incentives. Please contact Members Services for more information.


Group based fundraisers can be displayed in the Group area by editing the page and approving the Campaign.