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General Site and Member FAQs

General Site and Member FAQs

What is SocialArchitect? is a Mutual Benefit Social Media Network connecting like-minded individuals, businesses and causes with common interests. We provide Profiles, Social Media Dashboard, Broadcasting, Event Management, Fundraising and Advertising tools to support Member initiatives, structurally and financially.

Why join SocialArchitect?

Besides having some fun, you can benefit from your participation, run events, raise money and make connections with people that have shared interests.

Other things you can do.

Chat, play games, post videos and pictures, embed music and other social media content, win prizes..

How much does it cost?

Use of the site tools is free for members.

What are the Points about?

Points are participation rewards. You can spend them in the Shop for gifts, items for your fundraisers, group prizes, ads and some events on the site. You earn points for activities like posting in groups, uploading photos, creating events, inviting people, and other listed actions. Check your points balance in Points > Points Balance. Check the Terms of Use for details.